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'Space4K Television'

'Space4K Television' is a groundbreaking satellite TV dedicated to infotainment which comes under the Galaxy Group Pvt. Ltd. Our mission is to foster transparency, combat corruption at...

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The launch of Space 4k Television has stirred significant interest within the industry and among the general public. It has generated a surge of enthusiasm due to its revolutionary technology poised to reshape television viewing. Featuring immersive groundbreaking content, Space 4k Television stands as a pivotal achievement in the news sector, ushering in a fresh era of captivating visual narratives and elevating viewer expectations for future televised experiences. Let’s sneak inside our powerful news story;


Dive into a world of captivating content and practicality. Stay financially savvy with live foreign exchange rates and make intelligent investment choices guided by Today's Gold and Silver Rates. Effortlessly plan your day with accurate weather forecasts, and prioritize health with real-time pollution updates. Let’s get into the subject matter in detail;

Foreign Exchange Rates

Last updated on July 15, 2024

Currency Buy Sell
Indian Rupee 160.00 160.15
U.S. Dollar 133.36 133.96
European Euro 145.24 145.89
UK Pound Sterling 172.88 173.66
Swiss Franc 148.91 149.58
Australian Dollar 90.33 90.74
Canadian Dollar 97.91 98.35
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Today's Gold, Silver Rate

Last updated on July 15, 2024

gold images
Fine Gold

NRs. 146,700 /per Tola

gold images
Tejabi Gold

NRs. 146,000 /per Tola

gold images

NRs. 1,900 /per Tola

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Pollution Meter

Last updated on July 15, 2024

Air Quality Index (AQI): 2
CO (Carbon Monoxide): 814.44 µg/m³
NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide): 11.82 µg/m³

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Weather Forecast

Observation Date: July 15, 2024

Station Max. Temp.*(°C) Min. Temp.(°C) 24 hrs Rainfall(mm)
Dipayal 35.4 25.7 0.0
Dadeldhura 26.9 18.5 0.0
Dhangadi 33.5 25.6 11.3
Birendranagar 33.0 24.3 0.0
Nepalgunj 33.6 27.5 0.0
Jumla 26.6 17.0 4.5
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Latest Streaming

Space 4K Television, the latest streaming hit, takes you to the next level of entertainment and news. Enjoy the dazzling environment of vivid images and immaculate clarity with us. Enhance your streaming experience now! Have a glimpse of latest streaming down below;

Reality Show

Escape your busy schedule and relax with Space4K television's reality shows. Our carefully crafted programs cater to everyone from professionals to teenagers, ensuring a delightful me-time experience. Are you excited to customize your entertainment?


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In this category, Space 4K Television's dedication is to remain thoroughly informed about the latest happenings in Sports, business, economics, tourism, share market, politics, and the immediate environment. Our consistent efforts are focused on staying updated with the continuously evolving events and advancements that significantly affect you. Through diligent monitoring and absorption of local developments, we ensure you have access to the most current and relevant information whenever you need it. This committed approach highlights our steadfast commitment to keeping you engaged and well-informed in an ever-changing world.

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